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Fighting a Riot

The Riot MC is facing a storm of problems. The worst being a traitor amongst them.

Nora Ellis never met a biker, until the night Noah “Yak” Spencer came to her rescue after her disastrous bachelorette party. It doesn’t take long for her to see the heart of gold beneath his tough-guy exterior. When Nora finds out her ex-fiancé was cheating, Yak is there. When a dire health crisis threatens to tear her life apart, Yak helps her keep it together. Even though the timing is truly lousy, Nora quickly finds herself longing for more than friendship with the sexy biker…

For Nora’s sake, Yak needs to keep his distance. Sure, she’s everything he has ever wanted—gorgeous, smart, and tough as nails. But with the problems she’s facing, Yak decides she’s untouchable. Until Nora hints she wants more.

Nora doesn’t belong in his world. Her involvement could get her killed. Still, Yak can’t stay away. As matters with the club become deadly, how far will he go to protect the woman he has grown to love?

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