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Finn’s Fury

The night my cousin invites me to a party at the Riot MC compound, I discover a world like no other. The Riot MC clubhouse is the first place I feel safe. These bikers protect each other, but they are fierce when protecting their women.

I want their protection so bad. It is a driving, vehement need.

Finn is the one brother I avoid. We had a wild and crazy weekend together. I thought we connected. His actions say I thought wrong.

When he corners me at a party to explain those actions, everything changes. He’s still the only brother who sees me differently. He sees me as his.

The moment Finn discovers I’m being abused, he demands answers. His fury is overwhelming. When he finds out my father is behind the violence, he thinks the solution is simple.

Nothing is ever simple in my life.

He’s determined to keep me safe at any cost, but it could cost us our lives.