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I love Gamble how he’s so protective. When Victoria is beaten, raped and dropped at his door with a note left for him, he jumps into action. This book is filled with drama, action & wow at the alpha men. I loved it all!

Shannon, Goodreads

Gamble clings to two things: the Riot MC brotherhood and a grudge against his sister’s attacker. When his grudge brings danger to an innocent woman, it sends him into a tailspin. Dumping a woman at the clubhouse —as a message for Gamble— enrages the Riot MC brothers, but Gamble risks his life in order to mete out vengeance.
Victoria’s recovery is slow and arduous. He’s determined to help her heal and move on. Except, the idea of her moving on to someone else rankles. Yet, he can’t have her until the threat is neutralized.

After tragedy strikes, the last place Victoria expects to be is in Gamble’s room. She doesn’t want him to see her broken. She definitely doesn’t want his help to recover. He won’t have the patience for a woman whose spirit is shattered. Proving her wrong, Gamble refuses to leave her alone. The more he builds her trust, the more she battles her growing desire for him.
As a public defender, Victoria knows she should stay far away from the outlaw biker. But, the blue-eyed outlaw with a sexy Southern drawl argues with her like he’s opposing counsel. They cannot fight their overwhelming attraction. Their relationship grows and changes until they realize they need the same things.
And each other.