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What an outstanding start to a new chapter of the Riot MC. This is Harm, you may remember him from “Foolish Riot” and Stephanie story. We met her in Beast’s story. Before I go any further, please note if you haven’t read the original books in the Riot MC series, it won’t matter. This is a whole new charter with mentions to past characters, you won’t be lost in the least.

The author has truly done Harm’s story justice. He is the prez of the Biloxi chapter and one tough guy. He knows what he wants and goes after it, being with his club, his brothers, their missions or his women. In this case the latter is Stephanie. She is a blast from his past, when she was just a young teen who followed him and his best friend Brute, around everywhere. (she is Brute’s former step-sister). But now she is a head strong, Harley riding, independent woman with a sassy streak for days. Stephanie has moved back to Biloxi due to her ex. Thanks to him and his pranks she is broke and living with a string of bad breaks. That is until she runs into Harm. They try to resist the attraction, both not needing the distraction of a relationship right now. But sometimes, a distraction is just what you need. Especially when bad things are on the horizon.

Great read that I highly recommend. This reader can’t wait to see what happens next in the Riot MC, Biloxi chapter.

2 Thumbs Up and 5+ Stars.

Barbara - Goodreads

If it weren’t for bad luck, Stephanie Combes would have no luck at all.

On top of stealing her identity and ruining her credit, Stephie’s ex-boyfriend has shamed her in the most unexpected way. As a card dealer, she’s determined to make a fresh start in Biloxi where the tips are better and she can climb out from under her shame and debt. Running into her long-lost stepbrother and his sexy-as-sin best friend wasn’t in the cards, but that was her bum-luck rearing its ugly head. The last thing she wants is another man in her life.

When it rains it pours, but lucky for Stephie, Har is there to save the day during the deluge. Staying with Har temporarily should be no problem, but they can’t deny their lust. The more Stephie distances herself, the more Har fights to keep her around. And he fights dirty.

Michael “Har” Walcott’s motorcycle club is in turmoil. As president of the Riot MC Biloxi chapter, he’s determined to get his club out of the drug trade, but his brothers are resistant. The last thing he needs is a woman dividing his focus from his brothers and his club… which is precisely when he meets a spunky and seemingly familiar brunette.
She’s familiar because Stephanie was once a stepsister to Har’s best friend Brute. Allowing her to distract him isn’t an option. But after her roof collapses, Har steps in to save the day. The more he learns about Stephie, the more he wants her to stay.

He fights his attraction, but he can’t control his impulses.