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I was hooked from the first chapter. Janie's a politician’s wife & it isn’t as glamorous as one would think. She's unhappy and when she finds out unsettling news about her husband, leaving him is the only thing to do. Of course he doesn’t make it easy on her and she's ready for the fight. What she isn’t ready for is to meet someone, especially this quickly.

Beast is a part of a motorcycle club and is transitioning to a new chapter. He wants a fresh start after what he thought was his happy ending turned out to be heartbreak. He had no plans on falling for anyone but he can’t seem to shake Janie and he'll do whatever he needs to do to protect her.

- Goodreads Reviewer

Jane Ramos-Palmer won’t put her dreams aside for her husband’s any longer. Overhearing her husband being blackmailed, she will ditch everything to get a family. David “Beast” Huntley’s is done with women, but Janie provokes something in him. When the president of a rival MC blindsides and assaults Janie, Beast cannot fight his attraction for her.

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