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You may think you’re ready for what’s beneath Tiny’s sarcasm, seemingly bad attitude, and big ol’ chest, but I promise he’ll still surprise you. He isn’t looking for love, but he’s also not stupid enough to dismiss the possibility when he meets Sierra and it all just feels RIGHT. Yeah, she’s got some trouble hounding her. Yeah, she’s a single mom. And yeah, there are some attitudes of the teenage variety to contend with on top of everything else, but Tiny just knows she’s the one. She’s worth all he has to give, and he’s not afraid to lay it all out for her.
As for Sierra, she’s not sure she wants a man, period, much less one of the biker variety. But this man treats her like she’s precious, he makes sure she knows her worth, and he looks at her like she’s his whole world. She just never realized that opening her mind to the possibility of love could feel so scary and wonderful all at once.
While this story definitely has the humor, love, a dash of danger and mystery, and camaraderie I love from this author, it also has something deeper. Tiny is all in and has no problem proving that to Sierra’s son or the son of her heart. And when it all matters the most, Tiny shows just what a man he is by helping said son of Sierra’s heart through some supremely heavy stuff. So get ready to fall for Tiny. And get ready for Sierra, his brothers, and a certain teenager to remind him just how great he is and how great things can be.
This might be my favorite of the series, simply because of Tiny. No lie. His maturity and desire to do right by a kid who needs that made me adore him even more than his treatment of Sierra already did.

Jenn the Readaholic, BookBub

As a single mom of a teenage boy, I work hard to keep life routine and regular. From the moment I meet Tiny, a member of the Riot MC, my whole life is turned upside down. When this hulking, sexy biker whisks me away from a farewell party to protect me from my abusive ex-boyfriend, the last place I expect to be is inside Tiny’s studio apartment.

It’s the best option to keep me safe, but there’s only one bed. He refuses my offer to sleep on the floor. Having just met me, he makes it clear we’ll just sleep.

We make it through the night, but I’m fighting my attraction to him.

He insists on following me home in the morning, except a police officer is waiting at my car to question us. A bizarre instinct kicks in and I kiss him to make the police think we’re an item.

It’s a ruse. A ploy.
It’s also perfect. And delicious.

The officer retreats, but Tiny swoops in – my kiss ignited something in him.
What should have been just one night at his apartment turns into a whirlwind affair.

He’s protective and determined to claim me.
Insta-love some call it.
It feels insta-crazy.

But life is crazy and I’m getting crazier about this man by the day. Only one problem… when my obsessive ex-boyfriend threatens Tiny, we’re put to the test.

I won’t let him get hurt, even if it means I have to sacrifice my happiness.

Tiny and his Riot MC brothers have other ideas though. Nobody threatens their family and gets away with it.