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Unforeseen Riot Bonus Epilogue

Getting His Cut

After getting Cal’s cut declaring me to be his Old Lady, I received tons of backslaps, hugs and cheek kisses from the Riot MC Brothers. Once that was done, I was chatting with Jackie and Abby. Blood and Volt were standing with us, but they weren’t paying us much mind. Rather they were watching the gathering of the many Riot MC Brothers. Cal was standing with us also, it would have been impossible for him not to be. He hadn’t left me alone since I accepted his offer to be his Old Lady. He wasn’t standing at my side though, he was at my back. His hand was either in the back pocket of my shorts and therefore on my ass, or his hand would be possessively at the small of my back. I knew this was by design. He was admiring his “Property” cut on my back. I tilted my head back and to the side catching him staring. The smile on his face was so bright, beaming and gleeful. I was reminded that this was tantamount to a wedding day for a biker. I couldn’t help but smile back because I couldn’t wait for our real wedding day.

Suddenly Cal leaned forward and spoke to the small group. “Sorry, ladies. Mallory and I need to chat. Excuse us.”

Cal moved us off to the side of the massive pavilion where the party was taking place. Once there, he turned me around to face him. “You wearing your swimsuit?”

I was a touch irritated. Forcing me away from a conversation just to ask me if I was wearing my swimsuit was more than a little bit rude. I ignored my irritation and shook my head.

Cal’s hands wrapped low around my waist and then slid down to grab my ass. “Go to Jackie’s Jeep Liberty and put on your bikini. Be quick, and don’t you dare forget to put my cut back on before you come out.”

My eyes narrowed. “Just because I agreed to be your Old Lady shouldn’t mean that you get to be even boss-ier, which for the record, I thought was downright impossible for you to do.”

Cal seemed to ignore me and ordered, “Do it. Now.”

“And there it is! Even more damn bossy. Is it too late for me to decline?” I asked.

Cal’s eyes glittered at me. “To decline?” he asked with malice dripping in his tone.

I ignored his eyes and his tone of voice. “Yes. To decline,” I tried to imitate him on that single word, then continued normally, “You were bossy before, but I’m not signing on for even more of that. Your old lady or –,”

Cal cut me off with a kiss that was exactly like our very first kiss. No, not exactly the same. This was like the first kiss, just harder. One hand moved to my neck while the other stayed at my ass and he yanked me to him, hard. His lips were on mine (also hard), and since I was mid-sentence, his tongue plunged into my mouth. He was leaning into me, and his hand at my ass slid up to my waist. Cal didn’t stop leaning into me, in fact he started bending me backward over his arm.

This kiss had more passion in it than the kiss he gave me after I accepted his cut. Another thing that I had thought was downright impossible for him to do. My hands were at his chest, and he held me so tight to his body, I couldn’t move them. I started kissing him back and softening into his hold. Just barely, I could hear words being shouted by men and then those words were lost to a chorus of cat-calls and whoops from Cal’s brothers. Neither one of us relented in our lip lock, but when Cal’s hand slid into my shirt and up, I was aware of my shirt going up with his hand. I felt the sea breeze at the hemline of my bra, and I tore my lips away.

Cal’s eyes still held anger in them, but they were hungry too. My eyes slid to the right. I noticed more than a few of Cal’s Riot MC Brothers were standing around watching us and they grinning huge. There were even a few brothers from out of town Riot chapters. I was surprised to find out that these men rode in from cities like Biloxi and Tampa. When my gaze landed on Cal’s again, the anger was gone. Only the hunger remained, and he smiled a smile that I had never seen before.

“Go, sweet cheeks. I want to get my toes in the sand and my cock in you. Sooner you change the sooner that happens.”

I was inclined to argue, but I wanted that to happen too. Sooner rather than later.

Ten minutes later, I exited Jackie’s SUV. I couldn’t believe I was wearing a teal bikini with a black leather cut on top of it. Between that and my tan HariMari flip-flops, I felt like I looked really tacky. If someone would have told me back in March, that I’d be sporting leather in July and at the beach, I’d have laughed in their face. Before I could contemplate that any further, Cal strode up, stood perpendicular to me and grabbed me behind my knees and the small of my back. He whisked me up into his arms and carried me bride-over-the-threshold style to the beach.

This display of possessiveness was greeted with more whoops and hollers from his biker brethren as we passed by the pavilion. I noticed the other old ladies were giggling at me, and I could only shake my head at them. The only woman not giggling at me was Trixie. She was standing on her own watching us, but she seemed to be deep in thought about something. I was thinking that I needed to find out what was up with her, but Cal pulled me from my thoughts.

“We’ve had pool sex at my place, now it’s time for me to make you feel my motion in the ocean.”

My eyes rolled heavenward at his hokey remark, but I leveled a stern gaze on him. “I can’t wear leather in the ocean, you know.”

He chuckled. “Don’t you worry about that. Not plannin’ on wearin’ my cut in the ocean either.”

That hadn’t occurred to me either. Cal’s strides slowed as he trudged through the loose beach sand. I wasn’t a stick-thin woman, so I said, “You can put me down now. I can walk, you know.”

He grinned at me. “Nope. You aren’t half as heavy as you think you are.”

I caught sight of a grey and green half-tent a couple feet from us. Cal moved to it and set me on my feet. He eyed me top to toe, and licked his lips. With a fair amount of speed, he shrugged off his cut, folded it and placed it on a blanket that was laid out inside the half-tent. Straightening from the tent, he saw me moving to get out of my cut and his eyes bulged slightly.

“No. I put that on you, I’ll take it off you when I’m ready.”

I pursed my lips and twisted them to the side. “I’m not an invalid.”

Cal did a slow blink. When his eyes were open again, he said, “Humor me for today. Got it, woman?”

I turned my head slightly, but still said, “I got it.”

Cal dropped down onto the blanket and removed his boots and socks. He stood up and shucked his jeans and shirt. Under his jeans, he had worn a pair of board shorts with an off-set striped pattern in slate blue. His bear claw tattoo on his lower rib cage seemed accentuated by the dark blue waist-band of his trunks. Jesus. It never ceased to amaze me how hot this man was. He noticed me eyeing him, and his fingers traced the leather hem of my cut from the bottom up to the top. His fingers slid under the leather and he gently, almost reverentially, removed his cut from my shoulders. Once it was off, he folded it and placed it on top of his clothes.

Turning back to me, he said, “You know, a few months back, you said the ways of my world were a little ‘Neanderthal’ to you. They really aren’t, but I’m goin’ Neanderthal on you, right now.”

Before I knew what he was about, Cal put a shoulder to my belly and I found myself folded over his shoulder as he ran down to the shore. I felt small splashes of the water as Cal continued deeper into the ocean. When the water was up to his waist, he slid me down the length of his body. As he did this, I felt his erection against my upper thigh and then my belly as I gained my footing in the ocean.

“Pretty damn excited, aren’t you?” I asked.

This got me a shit-eating grin. “Two minutes from now, I won’t be the only one who’s ‘pretty damn excited,’ woman.”

He guided me further into the ocean, then his arms wrapped around my back and he took us both under the salty water. I blinked when we came up to the surface again and Cal’s lips were on mine. He tasted like he always did, but with a hint of salt from the ocean water on his lips. My arms went around his neck, and he hiked my legs up around his waist.

“You ready to start on that family we talked about?” he asked me.

I gave a short chuckle. “I would be, but my birth-control implant is in effect for another six months.”

Cal gifted me with a wry smile, “Well, we’ll still get into practice for when that day comes around.”

* * *

I didn’t know how long we were in the ocean before coming back to our spot on the beach. I did know that Cal and I both had a fabulous climax while we bobbed in the ocean waves, then when I thought we’d move away from one another, he kept a tight hold on me. We made out and floated around with one another until our fingertips were wrinkly. My stomach rumbled loudly and I said, “I need to eat some lunch.”

Cal guided me out of the water, and once in the shaded tent contraption, he grabbed a cooler from the far corner of the tent. Inside were cold submarine sandwiches and beers. I found a towel tucked inside the tent and dried off.

After I sat down on the blanket, Cal asked, “Not freaked out about wearing my cut, are you?”

I shook my head at him. “No. It’s just like what Jackie told me. It makes me feel like more than just me. I know you care about me so much that you’d claim me for everyone in your world to see. I love your brothers as if they were part of my own family, which seems kinda crazy to me because it’s been what? Six months? The cut physically is sort of an adjustment. Leather on the beach is weird to me and on the beach in July? It’s just hot and I’m surprised I’m putting on something that would arguably make me hotter.”

A shit-eating grin split his lips, “It does make you hotter, baby. Exponentially hotter to me. Damn it, get over here. I can’t handle how much I love you and having my cut on you makes me so fucking, fucking happy.”

After we ate our sandwiches, Cal asked, “When’s your next vacation?”

I was lying next to him on the blanket. Our torsos were under the canopy of the half-tent and our legs were in the sun. “What?” I asked turning my head to him.

“Answer the question.”

“I don’t know. Why?” I asked propping up on an elbow and putting my head on my upraised hand.

“We’re goin’ to Vegas.”


He turned onto his side, mirroring my pose. “You damn well heard me, we’re goin’ to Vegas. Gettin’ officially hitched to your sweet ass as soon as fuckin’ possible.”

“I’m having a wedding,” I said.

“They do weddings in Vegas. Next vacation week you get, that’s what we’re doing.”

“No,” I said in an annoyed and almost sing-song voice.

He pushed himself on top of me, pressing me and the blanket we were laying on into the sand. “Yes,” he said.

“No. I’ve planned a wedding before. It was the fucking best day ever. You may not like the idea any more than I like the idea of wearing a leather cut on the Fourth of July weekend, but I’m here doing it and damn glad I did because it gave me a smile I’ve never seen before. You’re so fuckin’ happy I can almost taste it on you, Cal. I’m telling you, that’s what a wedding day does for a woman.”

He gave me a cautious look. Something was on his mind, and I had a feeling I knew what it was, so I guessed, “You think I’ll be thinking of Greg and Landon on that day?”

Cal took in a long deep breath, and I knew he wanted to say something, but I got there before him, “I was thinking of them today actually. I was hoping, praying that they were watching on and that they were happy about it. I think they are,” I said with a sad smile.

Silence stretched between us. After a while, Cal said, “Weddings take too fuckin’ long to plan.”

I snorted, “I managed to plan one in six-months before. I can damn sure pull that off again, especially since Jackie, Abby and Natasha aren’t gonna stay out of planning or helping out with those plans.”

“This is as much of a wedding as we need, woman.”

“Nope. Not everyone made it today because it was last minute, at least according to Abby. You just up and decided this was the weekend for putting your cut on me this past Tuesday. Blood had a hard time getting the cut to you before yesterday afternoon.”

Cal ignored the intel I wasn’t actually supposed to have (and that Abby told me I wasn’t supposed to share, but I knew there wouldn’t be negative ramifications for her) and he asked, “Who didn’t make it?”

“Roll isn’t here. Natasha isn’t here. Razor isn’t here.”

“Why in the fuck should Razor fuckin’ be here?” Cal growled.

I sighed and canted my head. “I like him. He’s a friend. Jeez, he technically saved your ass a hundred and fifty large, I think having him at our wedding and reception is the least you can endure on my behalf.”

Cal shook his head at me slowly. “Do you really want a fuckin’ wedding and a reception?”

“Yes, with dancing,” I snapped, but calmly added, “And now that I know you apparently have buddies in other Riot chapters, a wedding with, you know, actual invitations would let more of those buddies plan to be here for it too. I heard that guy, Beast, say something about a couple of other brothers who wished they could have made it.”

His eyes narrowed slightly at me. “Noticed Beast, did you?”

I pressed my lips together, but then said, “He practically stepped off a GQ cover, though that would only be if GQ did a badass biker issue. There’s not a red-blooded woman around who wouldn’t notice that man.”

The narrowed eyes flared at me. “You don’t notice him anymore.”

I opened my mouth to argue with him, but Cal planted his lips on mine and gave me long and heated kiss. He liked to tell me that any time I argued with him too much or about petty shit, he kissed me into submission. That might have been the case when we first got together, but these days, he didn’t kiss me into submission. Most of the time, I argued until I got his fabulous kisses that ended the conversation in the most delicious way.

Cal lifted his head and said, “Three months.”

Realizing he was talking about the number of months before our wedding, my eyes threatened to bulge out of their sockets. “Six,” I said forcefully.

“Three and a half,” he returned.

“Five and a half. We could do a New Year’s Eve wedding. That would be awesome!” I said excitedly.

“Five months, I don’t want to do New Year’s Eve. Right after Thanksgiving or first weekend of December.”

I pouted, but said, “Fine. A winter wedding will kick ass anyway.”

Cal grinned at me salaciously, “Then we’re gonna start the new year knockin’ your ass up with my baby.”

I rolled my eyes while shaking my head at him. He gave me a forceful, long, wet kiss. He lifted his head to say, “Don’t give me that look, woman. We’re gonna have a damn good time gettin’ you pregnant and you know it. Love you, sweet cheeks.”

“I love you too, Cal. Always will.”

The End