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ACL You’ve Got to Be Kidding Me

If you’re part of my reader group…then you already know I tore my ACL. I’d love to say a burly, hot defensive football player tackled me, but in typical not-glamorous “Karen” fashion, I tripped over my own two feet at home.

I can sit comfortably, so you’d think I could still write, but this ordeal sucked my creativity right out of me. It should be no excuse, but it doesn’t change the fact I’ve had ten days of zero words. {Those days have not been consecutive, but still 10 days lost is 10 days lost!} To say the least, I’m not gonna be hitting that million word goal for the year if I keep this up! (I’ll post an update to my “Lofty Goals” post in June!)

Trixie and Roll were giving me fits and starts before this injury, but my plan to wrap up their story before May 31st is definitely out of reach. I need to write almost 30,000 words to close their story, so maybe June?

My people are encouraging me to put this experience into a book, but seriously, I wouldn’t do this to anybody – even if they’re fictitious! Or maybe especially when they’re fictitious. Whether you realize it or not, nearly all fictional characters have the deck stacked against them. So, why am I gonna go out of my way to do something to them that I wouldn’t even to do my worst enemy?

Anyway, I’ll be getting surgery in the near future, and I still intend for Trixie and Roll’s story to be released during the summer, but probably closer to September, which is a bummer, but it’s still technically “summer.” Speaking of releases…if you did not know, Calming the Riot comes out May 28, 2019! You can pre-order your copy now, and I highly recommend you do so. The price will go up June 1st! Have a great month of May, and I look forward to sharing more soon. 😊